April 19, 2018

Week’s Digest: Don’t use Startups to Say Something Else! and more

Here is Reza Ghiabi's comments about Najmeh Bozorgmehr's article on Financial Times about Iran Startups titled as Start-up republic: can Iran’s booming tech sector thrive? Also introducing a cool website about living in Tehran!
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April 18, 2018

Reza Ghiabi to Meet with Entrepreneurs and Future Leaders via OPPMAKR F2F Program

You can now meet Reza Ghiabi at his office, OPPMAKR Institute announced Face-2-Face program today. Ghiabi now dedicated a few hours per weeks for meetings with entrepreneurs and doers to discuss strategy with them.
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April 13, 2018

OPPMAKR Inspirations: a TEDTalk, a TEDx Talk and a Website

Curated brain food for responsible optimists by Reza Ghiabi. In a world where we are getting bombarded by articles, podcasts and tweets every day, we need to take a step back and digest what really inspires action. That is why I'll be sharing what keeps…
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April 6, 2018

Public Speaking is not about Techniques; It’s about the Core Idea.

As a summary of all his experiences in public speaking, Reza Ghiabi wrote a couple of lines for you about lecturing and its importance in contrast with the common belief. He states clearly that: Lecturing and rhetorical skills are trivial, a Lecture’s impact depends on…
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