Reza Ghiabi is an Opportunity Maker.

Reza Ghiabi is an Iranian strategic advisor, business developer, and nonprofit activist. He is an unshakable "opportunity maker" who has worked with the business elite of Iran and the Middle East for over fifteen years.

TEDxCannes: Pragmatic Thinking

Reza Ghiabi explains Effectual Reasoning in 3 minutes! Watch this short video to understand how opportunity makers like Reza create social impact.

Creative Mornings: How to Deal With Anxiety

What happens when you lose so much that you have nothing else to lose? Here's Reza's journey to hell and back that made him an entrepreneur.

Online Book: 4 Seasons of Opportunity Making

Read Reza Ghiabi's "4 Seasons of Opportunity Making" as a series of articles on his Virgool profile in Farsi.

Dialogue Podcast: Characteristics for Success

Hamed Jafari deep dived into Reza's experience and personality. In a one hour "Dialogue" they discussed so many topics from work to life advice.

Creative Mornings: The Game We Are In

Watch Reza's 10 minutes talk about understanding the infinite game we are all in at the one year celebration of Tehran Creative Mornings.

Communities: Oppmakr Heroes

The Oppmakr Heroes network is a for community by community, series of events that brings some amazing people who embraced Reza’s ideas and philosophies together.


Know more about the latest activities of Reza and the organizations he is in. You can find a hand full of opportunities to get involved with here.


Reza writes about his latest findings, observations, and experiences for those who want to thrive. His blog also contains the newest innovation trends if you can read between the lines.


Reza's unconventional and innovative views have earned him to work with an array of leaders and organizations. Reza's mission is to provide capital, community, and culture for innovation.

Reza Ghiabi

Reza Ghiabi is an unshakable "opportunity maker" who has worked with the business elite of Iran and the Middle East for over fifteen years in several capacities, including financing, business model innovation, corporate strategy, community building, and alliance formation.
Oppmakr Institue is Reza on an organizational level! The Oppmakr Igniters who share the same vision with him are helping Middle East's innovative organizations. If you wish to work with Reza, this is where you want to connect with. Visit our website here.