April 29, 2019

Iran’s Managerial Need for Long-Termism, Ghiabi’s Note On Hamshahri

Reza Ghiabi’s note about Iran’s managerial need for long-termism published on Hamshahri Newspaper today. Read the article here in Farsi:
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April 19, 2019

Reza Ghiabi at Radio Full Stack

On April 15th, Behzad Moradi founder of Sokan Academy came to Reza’s office to record the latest episode of Radio Full Stack podcast. While the episode is rather long for a podcast (almost 3 hours!) it contains everything from Reza’s professional background to his views…
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April 11, 2019

Chris Anderson Answers Reza Ghiabi’s Question About TED’s Vision

Chris Anderson and Jay Herratti took TED stage to talk about TED2019 curation and the year’s TEDxLive program. TED filmed this hangout using the new TED World Theater technology, which allows remote viewers to watch, chat, and be promoted to the TED stage to interact…
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