I Wanted it, I Made it Happen

“I wanted it, I Made it Happen.” The title of Lily Golestan’s talk at the TEDxTehran event was on December 21, 2016. In her talk, she addressed the issue of how much we have to ask from the bottom of our hearts in order to really strive to achieve it? How can we achieve our […]

Persian Translation of Your Choice

Change today is happening faster than ever before. We are overwhelmed by new technologies and an excess of information, and we feel that we and what we used to think of as society are being suffocated. Those who drive this change pursue primarily two goals: profit and power. They lure us with clickbait and abuse […]

Persian Translation of Kare Anderson’s “Opportunity Makers”

It’s no longer just what you know or who you know. Instead, it’s who else wants to know you. In this new era where convergence and connectivity are vital, achieving success depends less on persuading or leading others and more on forging mutually beneficial ties that enable you to become the glue that attracts and […]

Do You Know What You Are Selling, Really?

Do You Know What You Are Selling, Really?

If I were to ask you what you are selling, you’d reply immediately with the name of your products, services, or perhaps your ideas. Yet according to Forbes, three top reasons why 8 out of 10 business fail, are “not being in touch with customers,” “lack of differentiation” and “failure to communicate value proposition” which all falls […]

Why You Shouldn’t Protect Your Business Model in Times of Crisis

Crisis / Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

The word-wide COVID-19 situation ignited this article. Right after the first waves of its news, we at the Oppmakr Institutecreated a war room for our partners and clients to respond to the imminent crisis. I have always been a fan of pragmatism, which required me to experience what I’m sharing in our war room before writing […]