Reza Ghiabi lives to make opportunities for growth for everyone

Reza Ghiabi works and lives to make opportunities for growth for everyone. He is an Iranian entrepreneur, community builder, investor, and ethnographer, specialized in business model design and re-structure.


Reza founded the Oppmakr Institue in 2005 that has been active in consulting and evolved to a think tank today and branched to co-foundedn Ilia-Oppmakr joint venture in 2016. He also founded VIRA Institue that has been focused on event management, content curation, and community building in 2014. The institute later merged with IdeaRun Studio and evolved to In 2016 he also co-founded Science and Wealth of Pars that has created software solutions in gaming and tourism for Iranians. Together these companies created 350 jobs and inspired hundreds of job opportunities. Today, via company partnerships, he continues practicing entrepreneurship and intreprenuership in all sizes and shapes.


From 2014 to 2016, Reza has been active in the investment scene as an angel investor investing in a variety of Iranians startups. In 2016, he co-founded Ghasedak Ventures —an Iran hedge fund, first to leverage his social network in favor of companies that work in the innovation scene, and second to expand investments in the middle east countries region.


Ghiabi is a community builder by nature. Not only he is the organizer of the TEDxTehran event series since 2014, but he also has co-founded events like Tehran Art Walk and Tehran Travel Show. He also played a crucial role in the INOTEX event, Mustafa Prize, Nano Forum, and tens of StartupWeekends in Tehran. Today he pursues his passion for community building through serving on the board of IdeaRun Sudio, the shareholder of


Reza has always been famous for his philosophical views of work. He writes his blog at as well as publishing articles on the Idea Designers Magazine frequently, where he is a board member. All his social media activities also can fall into this category where he shares his thoughts about the world and society he sees.
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Opportunity Maker

Reza Ghiabi is an opportunity maker. He is an entrepreneur and a responsible optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

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