Reza Ghiabi's work is to help create opportunities for everyone!

Reza Ghiabi's work is to create opportunities for everyone via innovation and enable them by providing culture, capital, and community.

Community Builder

As the chairman of VIRA Institute, Reza helps the organization to organize and curate innovative ways for bright-minded people to gather and rethink about innovation. This includes events, seminars, workshops, and get-togethers. Reza believes that without community, there is no support for change. Thus, not only VIRA focuses on the smallest details of the art of event organizing, but they value the content and activities of each event to send a message to its audience in a perfect way.


Reza is a partner at Ghasedak Ventures (GV), a private fund to be partnered with entrepreneurs and future leaders. Together with a community of angel investors from the private sector of Iran, GV invested and partnered with startups both locally and internationally with B2B markets in the seed and pre-seed stage. For the more massive amounts of investments, GV also does fundraising among its community.


Reza looks into management consulting as a tool to change corporate culture, for Iranian SMEs to adopt with the ongoing digital transformation wave. The institute provides research, communication, process refinery, and strategy tools for its clients to think like startups and act like grown-ups! Over 13 years of research and experience in consulting within the domain of Iran, has made the OPPMAKR Institute not only a reference when it comes to access to information but made frontier of social economical trend analysis.
Selected Clients

Opportunity Making

Reza Ghiabi is an opportunity maker. He is an entrepreneur and a responsible optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. He discovered remarkable patterns and platforms to spread culture, community, and capital for innovation.

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