Reza Ghiabi is an opportunity maker.

He is an Iranian entrepreneur, investor, and nonprofit activist. Ghiabi is an optimist who works with the business elite of Iran and the Middle East.

Profile and Education

Reza Ghiabi (born 1986) is an Iranian entrepreneur, investor, and nonprofit activist. Also known as an “opportunity maker,” he is an optimist who works with the business elite of Iran and the Middle East.

He earned a Bachelor's degree (BA) in Industrial Engineering from Azad University while he was self-studying Cultural Anthropology. He also holds an MBA in Information Technology from Industrial Management Institute. Later he attended the IAE Lyon School of Management intending to study Doctorate of Business Administration but left university to focus on his work.

Ghiabi is active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram as "oppmakr". His blog and more information about him are available on

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As an Entrepreneur

In 2005 when he was 19, Ghiabi founded the Oppmakr Institute to serve as a management consulting firm. 11 years later, In 2016, Al Jazeera described him as "a passionate entrepreneur with strategic intellect". Up until 2017, his pragmatic views and professional network have earned the firm working with an array of organizations including UNDP, UNRIC, RSP Group, Qatar Airways, Knauf, IrToya, Franchise Middle East, Barkat Ventures and Pardis Tech Park. At its peak, the institute was listed as one of the three consulting firms bridging the global community and Iran’s private sector.

Based on this financial success, In 2017 Ghiabi transformed the Oppmakr Institute to a think (and action) tank, enabling growth opportunities for organizations leveraging digital transformation. Today, it provides insight, funds, and professional network for its members where they need it, from Iran to Syria and Switzerland. As a think tank, the institute has worked with clients like Careem, Syriatel, Hilti, Butane Industrial Group, Bahman Group, Omidyar Network, and Saman Bank to get them ready for their future challenges.
While directing the Oppmakr institute, Ghiabi served(s) as a board member at, IdeaRun, SWPars and,

As an Investor

In Iran, Ghiabi founded Ghasedak Ventures —a hedge fund affiliated with the Oppmakr Institute, in 2016. The fund has invested in a portfolio of over 15+ startups from BiPark to Fadfed.

As a Nonprofit Activist

Since 2014, Ghiabi is organizing TEDxTehran, a local, independently organized event licensed by TED, that brings hundreds of thought leaders, innovators, and doers from across different disciplines, to embrace "Ideas Worth Spreading" in the heart of Tehran. 

He is also a member of the HUS Institute —the Liechtenstein based think tank to explore the transformation of the old economy into the Digital Modern era. Ghiabi also serves as an Editorial Board member at the Idea Designers magazine, working as a few print media for the elite of Iran.

Since the first waves of the Iran startup ecosystem in 2009 to its relative maturity in 2015, as a nonprofit initiative, Ghiabi dedicated an important part of the Oppmakr Institute to help Iranian tech startups with market penetration and fundraising strategy. Ghiabi has been a mentor in several entrepreneurial events, from startup weekends in Tehran to Seedstars World in Lausanne. These activities have earned him to be recognized as "a pillar of the startup community in Iran," by Tehran Times.

As a Public Speaker and Columnist

Ghiabi shares his views with all who listen. His online book, “The Four Seasons of Opportunity Making” is available on his Virgool blog for free. He regularly writes articles for Idea Designers magazine and contributes to innovation-related podcasts, events, and large conventions where he comments about how collectively we can make opportunities. He also speaks at the OppmakrHeroes event series organized by a community of like-minded igniters in Tehran. He has spoken at the TEDGlobal>Geneva, TEDxCannes, Tehran CreativeMornings, and mentioned by the local and international press, including Entrepreneur, TEDBlog, Al Jazeera, AFP, Tehran Times, Financial Tribune, TechRasa, Tejarat-e Farda, Tadbir Magazine and Iran's national TV.

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