Post Bank of Iran has become more capable and determined in supporting startups

According to the public relations of Post Bank of Iran, Inotex Peach 2022 Tehran was held on Thursday, March 26, with the active presence and participation of Post Bank of Iran through the presence of managers and representatives and setting up a special counter with the involvement of technology companies, innovations, and startups. Post Bank’s […]

Lecturing at Tehran Chamber of Commerce

Lecturing at Tehran Chamber of Commerce

Reza Ghiabi lectured at the Tehran Chamber of Commerce joint program with Amir Kabir University. Ghiabi lectured about SME marketing and branding for the class audience.

Reza Ghiabi at INOTEX 2019 Exhibition

Reza Ghiabi | رضا غیابی

From the organizing committee to the Inotex Stage, Reza Ghiabi helped the Inotex Exhibition to cover more innovation related contents and communities.