Community Letter 07.2022

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…  Dear friends and family,  It’s me again, sending you another community letter from the middle of many emails, Whatsapp messages, and open tasks… Yes. They pulled me into day to day operations of a company one more time. Every good business strategist needs […]

Community Letter 06.2022

Dear Friends and family, How were you, June? For me, June is always about family. We have a little tradition in our family that every year on the 3rd week of June, we celebrate my birthday abroad, usually in turkey. This way, I get the best birthday gift: many opportunities to spend time with my wife and […]

Community Letter 05.2022

Dear friends, How are you? For me, May has passed in a glimpse, offering a handful of highlights and stories.  New initiatives, new ventures, and new journeys… This is my motto for ERNYKA Holding. Developing the holding business, we are on route to creating a startup accelerator to unleash the opportunities of Iran’s Afghan community in […]

Community Letter 04.2022

Dear friends and family,  We are getting to the end of Ramadhan. This month was full of Iftar gatherings and provided the opportunity to meet everyone and enforce meaningful relationships for me. These “networking” events got me to rethink the meaning of professional networking events.  While everyone says it is essential to meet and greet […]

Community Letter 03.2022

Dear friends and family,  I’m glad to write you letter number 03.2022 while spending last evening at a small boutique hotel in Shiraz where I spent my Nowruz holidays with family and friends. The atmosphere here was so relaxing that I took a photo at this very moment and used it as this month’s header […]

Community Letter 02.2022

This is the 37th of my monthly letters to our community. Starting 2022, I’m also sharing these letters on my LinkedIn account with thousands of subscribers.

Foreign Investment in Iranian Startups Is One-Fifth of Turkey

According to Tejarat News, a statistics review shows that the amount of foreign investment in the Iranian startup ecosystem is one-fifth that of Turkey. This number is lower than the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and… This shows that foreign capital in Iran will be more profitable because a more new market is waiting for it. Reza […]

I Wanted it, I Made it Happen

“I wanted it, I Made it Happen.” The title of Lily Golestan’s talk at the TEDxTehran event was on December 21, 2016. In her talk, she addressed the issue of how much we have to ask from the bottom of our hearts in order to really strive to achieve it? How can we achieve our […]

Post Bank of Iran has become more capable and determined in supporting startups

According to the public relations of Post Bank of Iran, Inotex Peach 2022 Tehran was held on Thursday, March 26, with the active presence and participation of Post Bank of Iran through the presence of managers and representatives and setting up a special counter with the involvement of technology companies, innovations, and startups. Post Bank’s […]