I Wanted it, I Made it Happen

Lili Golestan's conversation with Reza Ghiabi and Niyousha Khatib
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"I wanted it, I Made it Happen." The title of Lily Golestan's talk at the TEDxTehran event was on December 21, 2016. In her talk she addressed the issue of how much we have to ask from the bottom of our hearts in order to really strive to achieve it? How can we achieve our goals when the conditions are not ideal? Just a few months after the publication of this speech, it received more than 3 million views and was broadcast on various Iranian and foreign networks and social networks. After these feedbacks, we decided to have a detailed conversation with Ms. Golestan about this speech and her feedback in the community. So we went to his house for four weeks for this conversation and wrote down what happened to you. Collectors: Reza Ghiabi and Niousha Khatib
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