I Wanted it, I Made it Happen

“I wanted it, I Made it Happen.” The title of Lily Golestan’s talk at the TEDxTehran event was on December 21, 2016. In her talk, she addressed the issue of how much we have to ask from the bottom of our hearts in order to really strive to achieve it? How can we achieve our […]

How to approach life as an entrepreneur?

How to approach life as an entrepreneur? Reza answers this question in an interview with Afra Campaign at the Azadi Innovation Factory. The original version of the interview is 2 hours and a short cut down is released.

Reza Ghiabi’s Talk at TEDxCannes about Effectuation

Reza Ghiabi's Talk at TEDxCannes about "Effectuation"

Reza Ghiabi talked at the TEDxCannes 2016 in France. In this short video, you can watch a short version of the video giving the main idea of why and how we all need to start with what we have, instead of waiting for everything to get perfect. Watch the talk online.

Reza Ghiabi at the Dialogue Podcast

Reza Ghiabi's Interview with Dialogue Podcast | مصاحبه رضا غیابی با پادکست دیالوگ

Hamed Jafari —a startup community builder in Tehran. who is passionate in tech, entrepreneurship and innovation, hosted Reza at his well-curated Dialogue Podcast. All you should know about Ghiabi and more are included in this podcast. Listen to <a href=”https://hearthis.at/hamedjafari/4-interview-with-reza-ghiabi/” target=”_blank”>Dialogue Podcast – #4 Interview With Reza Ghiabi</a> <span>by</span><a href=”https://hearthis.at/hamedjafari/” target=”_blank”>Hamed Jafari</a> <span>on</span> <a href=”https://hearthis.at/” […]