Consistency in Entrepreneurship: Insights from “Atomic Habits

In entrepreneurship, the power of consistency, as highlighted in ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, reigns supreme. Clear’s wisdom underscores that small, consistent actions pave the path to significant business growth. This principle reshapes our approach, emphasizing that success emerges not solely from lofty goals but from the daily commitment to steadfast habits.

Community Letter 12.2022

Dear friends and family, I’m in awe of your replies to my community letters. As you may already know, the purpose of these letters is to keep us informed of each other both in terms of the life ahead of us and the work we do. While we are reaching to end of 2022, it’s […]

Community Letter 11.2022

Dear friends and family, I hope you are doing well. I skipped a few of my letters in the past months because there were more important voices that I wanted you to hear about Iran and what people are fighting for. Christiane Amanpour puts it well in the following TED conversation: I also have been […]

Community Letter 07.2022

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…  Dear friends and family,  It’s me again, sending you another community letter from the middle of many emails, Whatsapp messages, and open tasks… Yes. They pulled me into day to day operations of a company one more time. Every good business strategist needs […]