Foreign Investment in Iranian Startups Is One-Fifth of Turkey

According to Tejarat News, a statistics review shows that the amount of foreign investment in the Iranian startup ecosystem is one-fifth that of Turkey. This number is lower than the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and… This shows that foreign capital in Iran will be more profitable because a more new market is waiting for it. Reza […]

Dealing with Ambiguity, a dialogue with Hamed Jafari

In this video, in a conversation with Hamed Jafari, Reza Ghiabi introduces 5 tools to increase the tolerance of ambiguity and overcome foggy conditions.

In times of ambiguity, the fear of the uncertain future diminishes our decision-making power and makes it difficult for us to move forward. However, ambiguity and the uncertain future are part of life, and we can not completely address this concern, but we have the power to increase the tolerance of ambiguity within ourselves. Continuing […]

Iran Witnessing Millionaire Boom: Read Reza Ghiabi’s Comments on the Middle East Eye

Iran witnessing millionaire boom despite US sanctions and fifth Covid-19 wave

The Islamic Republic has seen one of the world’s biggest rises in wealthy individuals despite sanctions and coronavirus ravaging the country. Read the full article Published on 13 August 2021 by Reza Khaasteh. Becoming a millionaire is perfectly okay in a capitalist society, but in a country that chants anti-capitalism slogans and considers it as […]