Migration from Iran: Sanaz Sadooghi, Amir Hossein Yazdani and Reza Ghiabi

Migration from Iran: Sanaz Sadooghi, Amir Hossein Yazdani and Reza Ghiabi

According to Stanford Iran 2040, the compiled data indicate that the total number of Iranian-born emigrants increased from about half a million people prior to the 1979 revolution to 3.1 million in 2019, corresponding to 1.3% and 3.8% of the country’s population, respectively. Thus, the decision of migrating from Iran has become one of the […]

It’s Not About Public Speaking Techniques; It’s About The Core Idea

Public Speaking is not about Techniques; It's about the Core Idea.

As a summary of all his experiences in public speaking, Reza Ghiabi wrote a couple of lines for you about lecturing and its importance in contrast with the common belief. He states clearly that: Lecturing and rhetorical skills are trivial, a Lecture’s impact depends on other factors.

Reza Ghiabi’s Talk at TEDxCannes about Effectuation

Reza Ghiabi's Talk at TEDxCannes about "Effectuation"

Reza Ghiabi talked at the TEDxCannes 2016 in France. In this short video, you can watch a short version of the video giving the main idea of why and how we all need to start with what we have, instead of waiting for everything to get perfect. Watch the talk online.

X The Unknown: My TEDx Story

If you ask any TEDx organizer what is your TEDx story, you’ll get an answer that amazes you. It is now more than six years that TED—a conference with the mission of sharing “Ideas Worth Spreading,” launched one of the world’s most successful programs called TEDx. A TEDx is a TED-like event for the local communities. According […]

Reza Ghiabi has Been Featured by the TEDxInnovations Blog

Reza Ghiabi | رضا غیابی

As a veteran TEDx organizer, Ghiabi answers to 5 key questions of TEDxInnovations Blog. What do you wish someone told you about managing a team before you organized a TEDx event? Ghiabi: That it is not “management.” It takes “leadership” instead. It cannot feel in any way like an obligation. What have you learned about […]